Dashell Anne Kronen has been using her abilities as a channel since 1984. Since that time she has been an instrument for the Archangels, Ascended Masters, The White Brotherhood and our star brothers and sisters. She has published a booklet on Spiritual Growth and is currently writing a book on healing.
Dashell Anne holds workshops on spiritual growth, meditation and self-healing. Dashell Anne also works as a healing channel and facilitates in the self-healing process. In this capacity, she incorporates chakra/energy balancing, massage, toning, color breathing and past life information as tools for the healing process.

She uses her abilities as a medium to combine the physical and spiritual worlds. With the guidance of the soul and spiritual worlds, Dashell Anne uses all aspects of the entire being to bring forgotten memories to consciousness. This allows for the experience of release and powerful healing.
Dashell Anne is a licensed massage therapist, a Reiki Master, and is certified in LaHoChi, an ancient form of healing.
In addition to offering workshops on spiritual growth and meditation, Dashell Anne is also available for trance circle gatherings and private sessions.
Dashell Anne can be contacted at 850-206-4798 for more information.

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